This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Portfolio Experience 2021 
Conference – 26 April 2021               Workshop – 27 April 2021
online                                                   online

The largest and the only event in Poland covering the topics connected to Project Portfolio Management and PMO, gathering practitioners and experts from all around the world. The main theme in this edition is
PMO as a Change Agent

- Organizational Change Management
- Sponsor and Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
- Do It Right – Agile-Way or Else
- Strategic Alignment & Benefit Management

Participation in the Conference gives you access to tools and practices that will help you make better business decisions and manage sustainable and optimal project portfolio. You have also a chance to learn from the best PPM specialist during the all-dayworkshop.
Take a look at new trends and get to know other's experience in creating and development of PMO and project portfolio. Last time, out of 90 people involved, over 30 of them were PPM&PMO Executives!

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